23 March 2011

Food Future

Gardening is our future.  We must grow our own food on our own terms.  Why?  Commercial food is tainted and t’aint healthy.   A huge proportion of large agri-business farm foodstuff is genetically modified organism (GMO) or hybrid.  GMO products have been genetically changed by inserting animal or other plant genes into vegetables and fruits grown for human or animal consumption.  Hybrids are plants where the traits of two or more plants are combined to create a plant with a particular desired result such as color, texture or sturdiness. The goal is to get a faster growing; larger volume; or disease resistant food, nutrition be darned.  This stuff is not natural and the result is a sickly obese population. 
These man-made creations are designed to maximize profit and destroy small and organic farmers.  Once a farmer goes GMO, he cannot go back.  These farmers are not allowed to collect seeds from their fields.  They are hooked to the GMO seed seller like crack dealers.  Every year, they must go back to the seller for new expensive seeds.  If your small farm or garden gets contaminated by the nearby GMO field pollen, you become the crack head; mind lost over dizzying lawsuits for “stealing” GMO.  Agri-business and the food producing industry wield so much power that the majority of farm subsidies goes to them, not the small farmer or farmers of hue.  We support this nonsense because we do not grow our own food.  Let’s change the dynamic and live happier healthier lives.
I will be organic gardening with my sister this year.  We purchased heirloom organic seeds and we will not use pesticides or herbicides.  We started our seeds indoors and they are already sprouting.  We will grow some now and save some of our seeds for next year.  Organic seeds can be purchased from local markets or garden stores and these can be grown over the next two years.  These seeds are not packed for long term storage, so get to gardening.
We also purchased a variety of heirloom seeds, correctly packed, that can be stored for the next ten years or so.  We will also gather seeds produced by our fruits and vegetables, dry them and plant them.  You can purchase longer term seeds from a survivalist or emergency seed bank.  Be cautious about the packaging.  You must not purchase seeds wrapped in plastic.  Look for acid free paper and air.  If the seeds are frozen, quality and germination potential can be lost.  Store your container in a cool dark dry place.  If you want to store them in a can or bucket, poke holes in the container to allow air flow.  If ever there becomes a devastating emergency, you must know how to start and maintain your garden.  Purchase books or print off web pages and pack the information in a water tight container.  Study this information and grow in knowledge along with the garden that you start this year.
The world is already in food crisis.  Prices are escalating fast and many cannot afford to buy the appropriate foods for proper nutrition.  We must take steps now to prevent food security problems.  Find a spot in your yard or patio for container gardening; work with a friend or family member who has a sunlit backyard; or go to a community farm or coalition.  Obtain a plot of land and get to work.  Gardening can be tough and it can be fun.  In the end, you will save lots of money; improve your health; and you may be able to barter your produce for goods and services. 
Get going and tell me.  “How does your garden grow?”
Thanks: publicdomainpictures.net