I am a sister, wife,  mother and friend.  I've been roaming the woods since childhood and loved the outdoors and animals ever since. I am a biologist by career and environmentalist at heart. My creative outlets include writing children's books and practicing the martial arts.

Black Organic is blogging about all things natural and environmental as it relates to communities of color.  My family of four has natural hair and I strive to purchase organic and natural products for my family. 

My favorite thing to do these days is make stuff at home.  My husband says that I'm cheap, but now he is using the things I make.  He supports my efforts and let's me know when he runs out of stuff. 

I will share resources to help you go natural as best you can and I will try new things and let you know if they are reasonable and practicable.  This blog will include my thoughts on environmental issues and a bunch of other stuff.  Enjoy and please share.

Thanks so much, Kathy

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  1. I am impressed with your blog. Keep up the good work. I will visit again to see what other recipes your develop. Our children may benefit from these natural ingredients.
    Thanks for enlightening me.