02 January 2012

2012 – Look Forward

The start of the year signifies new beginnings, trends and solutions.  How about starting this year on the good green foot?  The Green Game Plan will help you sort out simple and easy ways to make a change to improve your home environment, health and vitality.

Think about some of your old habits and how you can change things for the better.  Ask yourself a few questions:  Do I let the water run while brushing your teeth?  Do I toss cans and bottles in the trash?  Do I use hairspray?  Do I use strong chemicals to clean the sink?  Do I buy something just because it’s trendy?
Consider easy things you could do to change some of your old habits into green routines.  Some of these things can help you save money, too.  Organize and reduce the chaos of clutter.  Start small with a small box of stuff at a time and move towards larger tasks as you realize success with small chores.


Research alternatives to everyday household items and body products and use them.  This blog is a start, so thank you. 

Set aside time to schedule your errands and map out your trip to save vehicle use and your precious time. 

Start recycling paper and work your way towards cans, bottles and other items.  That stack of mail is begging to join the rest of the piles of advertisements and magazines on the trip to the recycling center.

Donate rarely worn clothes, shoes and household items; they are already not one of your favorites, so let them go.

Re-purpose some of the items in your home to create a new look.  That old desk hidden in a back bedroom could make a great work space next to a window in the living room.

Stay out of the middle of the grocery stores.  Increase your intake of fresh produce; healthy meats; and lower fat dairy items placed along the perimeter of the store.

Go for a walk.  If you don’t want to walk by yourself, grab a friend and go.  Race to the local fitness center and try a new activity.    Karate is wonderful for stamina, flexibility and balance.

Take a nap.  Rest is great for the body and soul.  A tired person is more likely to make poor decisions at work and play.   If you have a half hour after work, lie down and close your eyes.  Go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up early enough to reduce the morning stress of getting out the door on time.

Resolve to commit to your own well-being.  Make a choice to move in positive direction and away from harmful decisions.  Strengthen your relationships with family and friends.  Do something for yourself.

Live well; laugh a lot; and enjoy life in 2012.  Happy New Year!