05 June 2011

Sunday Morning Scrub

Start your Sunday morning breakfast with a menu of fresh coffee, cinnamon French toast, eggs and more.  Oh, what shall I do with the ingredients sitting on the counter?  I know!  Re-use them!  
Grab a glass bowl and mix up a batch of a wonderful aromatic body scrub to enjoy with your Sunday morning shower. 
1 cup fresh used coffee grinds
1 Tablespoon of table salt
About 1/3 cup of olive oil or coconut oil (warmed to liquid)
1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
Optional: about 10 drops of fruity essential oil

Mix well.  Add a bit more oil if the scrub is not saturated to make it moist to wet.  Take it to the shower with you.  After you wash, gently scrub your body.  This scrub is wonderful for your feet, elbows, knees and hands if you just scrub a little more than gently.  Rinse yourself and the shower surround.  Your shower and or tub will have some oil residue.   Clean the shower with a baking soda and vinegar paste. 

If you only have time for a quick facial scrub, use the following recipe and gently scrub your already dampened face and neck.  You skin will be left oily, so follow up with a bar of Castile soap or your favorite non-drying gentle facial soap, and rinse well.  A bit of the oil will remain, naturally moisturizing your skin for the rest of the day.  Clean the sink with a baking soda and vinegar paste. 
Quick facial recipe:

Two tablespoons of fresh used coffee grinds
Teaspoon of table salt
Teaspoon of cinnamon
Tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil - just enough to form a moist paste

Your skin will be left soft and smooth with a hint of the cinnamon scent. This recipe is great for guys.  I tried it on my husband’s face this morning.  We had some bonding time and a bit of fun.  He wants me to do his feet next.  Since he always makes our Sunday breakfasts, I think his feet deserve such a treat.
If you have any coffee grinds or mix left over, just add it to the compost bin.  It’s all natural and all good.  This scrub can be made for pennies with ingredients most of us already have on hand.  You are welcome to purchase a 6 to 8 ounce jar of coffee scrub for prices ranging from $7.00 to $37.00 and I’ll be yelling in your ear, “Make your stuff at home!”

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