01 August 2011

Summer Fruit Water

The sun beams burst through the kitchen window early Sunday morning.  Everyone is asleep, except for me.  Precious quiet time sorely needed after a Saturday full of activity.  I have at least an hour to myself before being interrupted by shuffling little feet; demands for pre-breakfast snack; or the sounds of a television.  I like to spend that hour sitting in the kitchen looking at the flowering tree just outside the window.

It’s early and I’m hungry.  My hubby is not due to start breakfast for at least an hour or so.  This is the time when I can eat or drink what I want, without having to worry about making something for someone else.  Sunday morning is my selfish hour because the other waking 126 hours of the week are devoted to my husband and kids; work; or household chores.  

I rumble through the refrigerator and I consider the cream for the coffee.  I’m not ready for coffee.  The bright red strawberries catch my eye.  I grab a few.  The giant grapefruits in the bowl are a bit much.  Hmm, the banana will work.  I eat a quick fruit snack while reading the morning news and staring out the window.  I want something cool to drink.

I like drinking water and I love eating fruit.  It’s summer time and it just seems so cool to be drinking a tall glass of something other than water.  Tea is good, soda is bad.  During the week, I add a little cider to my water and head to work.  On the weekends, I desire a little more twist to go with my morning chill time.  We have a lot of bananas, apples, strawberries, grapefruits and lemons in the house and I’m not sure we can eat it all before they get too ripe.  I saw a recipe once… and made my drink at home.

Summer Fruit Water:  Fill glass pitcher ½ full of water.  Add 1 sliced lemon; 1 peeled and sliced apple; and 5 strawberries with the leaves removed.  Fill the remainder of the pitcher.  Chill for a few hours. 

As you serve the water, refill the container for up to 24 hours.  It’s even better the second day.  After that time, finish up.  Any citrus fruit, berries, and dense fruit can be used for fruit water.  You can also add mint leaves for an extra thrill.  It does not take long before the fruit essence leaches into the water.  A tasty healthy beverage doesn’t have to be fancy or require a lot of effort to create. 

A simple summer recipe made with ingredients you have at home is a chic natural way to go for your next party or cookout.  Give it a fancy name and raise a glass to celebrate.

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