01 October 2010

Back When...

Before we got married, we knew we wanted children. I started reading up on pregnancy and potential issues for harm.  Okay, no playing in dirt - check; no fingernail polish - check; no smelly cleaning supplies - check; no hair perms - what?!

My last perm was early 2001. The transition wasn't too bad.  I let my hair grow out and then cut the ends a bit at a time. The last time I got my nails done was for the wedding... in 2001. The next thing I did was stop cleaning!  I didn't clean squat just before and during the entire pregnancy.  My husband was great at taking care of lots of things when I was a round mound.  Healthy kid born 2003. Next healthy kid 2004.  Done. 

Since back when, I've changed the make up of our supply cabinet.  We transitioned out of the chemicals to to eco-friendly products.  Spent years on expensive products and recently changed to much less expensive concoctions.  I'll tell you about them in the coming weeks.

Black in action soon.

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