03 October 2010

Something New, Something Blue

SHOUT OUT to my sister for buying organic blue agave.  It is a natural sweetener from the Blue Agave plant.  I tried the crystallized natural sweeteners and did not like them for one trivial reason or another. 

My sister added a teaspoon or so of blue agave in Earl Grey tea and it cut the bitterness.  I drink organic green tea everyday and got used to the mild flavor, so I was not too hip on the rich Earl Grey, even though it was my favorite tea back in the day.  The EG tea was so good.

I purchased the Organic Raw Blue Agave Nectar and have been using it all week.  Ignore the scent; it is not honey.  It has a distinct aroma that screams healthy.  The fluid is a light syrup (nectar) that has a slight sweet taste.  I put about two teaspoons in my huge 24 ounce cup of organic green tea.  Wow, I get more tea flavor than I do with raw natural sugar.

I just put some on my fingertip for my 5-year old.  First question, "Does it stink?"  I did not let him smell it.  He said, "It tastes a little good, but I need more."  I gave him another fingertip.  He asked me if I liked honey and then said, "It has not that much flavor."  Uh, it is not supposed to kid.  It's an enhancer. The next time my husband makes pancakes, I'm going to try it on the rest of the family.

Thanks: publicdomainpictures.net

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