01 November 2010

Chunky Funky Veggies

We normally see folks snacking on the regular after lunch duo of celery and carrot sticks with a ranch dipping sauce.   Let’s turn that, “I’m on a diet,” snack into a powerful healthy meal.  There is so much more to the world of raw veggies.  Let’s get chunky funky with tasty colorful chopped organic veggies.  Okay, grab a bowl, cutting board, peeler and a good knife.  Peel stringy or thick skinned veggies and rinse with water .  If you can, compost the scraps.

Chunk up some or all the following organic veggies:
raw beet
grape or cherry tomatoes
broccoli florets
cauliflower florets
green, red and/or yellow pepper
large mushrooms
rainbow carrots yellow, orange and/ or red
snap peas
baby corn

Try each veggie by itself and take in the flavors; so much better than pesticides and waxes.  You can actually taste the natural salts in the celery; the beets will stain your fingers a bit, but they are really good; the yellow and red carrots have a milder flavor than the orange; and the radishes have that zing.  I feel like I can eat the skin of the cucumbers and not worry (much) about the soil on the mushrooms.  The tomatoes are simply delicious!  These veggies are best served chilled for a refreshing crisp meal. You can also spoon a huge scoop of organic roasted red pepper hommus/hummus onto your favorite dish as the dip.

You don’t have to be a raw foodie to enjoy the benefits of fresh vegetables.  Raw foods are balanced and higher quality. They are also filling.  Eating veggies of different colors gives your body a wide variety of valuable nutrients and natural substances that help maintain health.  Vegetables are an important part of your weight loss and disease prevention strategy.  They also help you maintain your true natural beauty, inside and out.  The extra plus is that eating Chunky Funky Veggies is an environmentally sound way to go.  

 For dessert, have an organic Gala apple!  Try it and let me know your feelings.  Chunky Cheers!

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  1. This dish looks scary good. Kind of scary too. Radishes? I could get into it. Although exciting, my salads are not nearly this exotic.