12 November 2010

Shrewd Shopping List

Chemicals, yum??!  Do we really need these hazardous compounds in our lives?  Male fish have eggs; the frogs have eight legs; and the Peregrines die.  The same is happening to us and we do it to ourselves.  Well, we allow corporate America to get rich off our brain-been-washed need to have all sorts of drugs and potions just to feel clean. We are ruining this great earth we call home. ‘Black is Green’ urges you to cut it out!  Cut and paste this list and take it with you to your local organic market; healthier grocery stores; or online stores. Use this list as the foundation of your new ‘Black is Green’ pantry. 

Baking Soda – gets rid of odors and dirt and is a mild abrasive.
Castile Soap – multi-purpose cleaner; gets rid of grease and bacteria.
Cornstarch - absorbs oil; gets rid of odors and oil; window cleaner.
Hydrogen Peroxide – disinfectant; gets fresh blood out of clothes.
Lemon Juice – disinfectant; gets rid of grease; and is a natural bleach. 
Olive Oil – wood polisher; skin and hair moisturizer.
Salt – Mild abrasive; absorbs liquids and oils
Vinegar – gets rid of odors; is a disinfectant; kills germs, mold and bacteria; and is a rinse agent.   Caution: do not use on marble.
Washing Soda – disinfectant; deodorizer; dissolves stains.  Caution:  do not use on aluminum or no wax floors.

Also, boiling water kills weeds; melts solids; and can be used as a cleaner.

There are other green cleaning ingredients, but some are harmful to skin and can cause serious illness if ingested.  These are borax and ammonia.  I think I’ll stick to the list above for now.  Food grade citric acid is another green ingredient, but is hard to find in stores and when you do find it, small quantities are expensive.  It’s tough to get away from the conglomerates, but at least corporations sell us a few reasonable things.  I’ll take them and will have change left in my pocket.

The list above can be mixed and matched for the dishwasher; washing machine; dryer; floors; windows; furniture; and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.  Add your favorite essential oils for fragrance and do your thing.  I’ll test some recipes and share my experiences in future posts.

“Just got paid, Friday night; party huntin’, feelin’ right; body shakin’, all around…,” screamin’ on the way to the store.
Thanks: publicdomainpictures.net

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