14 January 2011

Apples and Olives

I get pimples and I have the blemishes to prove it.  Sometimes they are minor and other times, they get ugly.  I tried all sorts of soaps, astringents, scrubs, masks, lotions and potions sold in stores.  I even tried the products designed for women of hue.  Nothing worked and my skin usually ended up crazy itchy and irritated.  Dry peeling facial skin is not cute.  None of that stuff helped the typical pimples or monthly facial breakouts.  I understand that acne has many causes including, but not limited to, hormones, bacteria, environment and stress.  Since I can’t control everything (dang), I just have to deal.
About two months ago, I started using organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ as an astringent and organic olive oil as a moisturizer twice daily.  After washing my face with soap, I wet a cotton ball with water and squirt a few drops of vinegar into the cotton ball.  I wipe my face with the cotton ball.  Ahhh!  After I pat or air-dry my face, I pour a small amount of olive oil into the palm of my hand. I slather it onto my arms and hands.  Then, I spread the oil left on my hands onto my face.  My face smells like vinegar and olive oil for a few minutes.  The combination is charming and the scent fades in a short time period.  I also smell the vinegar aroma the first minute of a warm shower or when my face begins to warm (okay… sweat) from activity. 
About once a month when the hormones kick in, I use a natural calcium bentonite clay mask mixed with water or the apple cider vinegar in a non-metal bowl.  I follow it up with the apple-olive drill.
My skin has improved and I get less severe and a smaller amount of ‘spots’.  My face does not dry out at all.  Many days, I go apple without the olive and my skin still does not dry.  My face is healing and I am less stressed about my appearance.  I expect that over the next several months my skin will continue to mend with no more monster breakouts.  Sweet smell and money saved.

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