27 January 2011

The Uncluttered Life

Any items that you do not value and things that do not fit are no longer relevant.  They may be appropriate for someone else.  We are consumers, stockpilers, collectors and hoarders.   Many of us hold on to stuff for little reason or absolute necessity.  We have filled closets, cupboards, garages and sheds.  We hold on to things for years without setting eyeball on them, yet refuse to listen to the call to spring clean.  We should use our precious space for required or essential items.

If it doesn’t fit, you need to quit. If it has a lump… dump.  If it makes you pout, throw it out.  If it makes you itch, you have to ditch.  If it has a spot, it should be dropped.  If it has a tear, don’t repair; just get it out of your lair. 

Green living is re-using, reducing and refusing waste.  Let someone else re-use your stuff; reduce the amount of stuff you bring into your home; and refuse to purchase stuff that not needed.   If you have an item that you have not seen or used in the past six months, apparently, you don’t need it. 

Start your journey to cut chaos in your home.  Spend time slashing stuff now and save time with less loads of laundry; dishes; and general cleaning in the near future.  You may be surprised that you have less stress; more moments to read a book, newspaper, this blog or other favorite pursuits; and extra money in your accounts.

Over the last few months, I got rid of about 40% of my stuff; 20% of the children’s things; and my husband is working on his items.  I re-used boxes and filled them with items in all the desk or table drawers; got rid of just about all the plastic cups and containers and replaced them with the glass items that were stored in boxes in the basement; donated clothes, shoes and display stuff; took some framed items to work to decorate my office; and I’m now going through all the boxes of collected paper and junk drawer stuff for disposal, donation or organization.  There is no rush to complete the task since it is tough and time consuming.

I have no regrets and I find it much easier to get dressed in the morning and clean up the kitchen.  We are only shopping for food and we do not stockpile.  We find that we have less leftovers and tossed food and meals are a little more creative.  I feel a whole lot better about the house and we stepped back from consumerism.  Green is good.

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