20 February 2011

Loud and Wrong

The screams to cut funding to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are bothersome.  What do some folks not understand about the EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment?   The EPA is us and for us.  The EPA is the champion of clean, green and mean.  The EPA will make you wipe it up with eco-friendly stuff and smack you if you don’t come correct.   
Will those budget cutters forgo the benefits of the EPA?  California is polluted with a toxic cocktail that has scarred the lungs of many.  The Appalachia region waters are filled with the soils of the mountain tops and the Gulf of Mexico has a dead zone where fish and plants cannot survive.   Lands throughout our country are hazardous waste sites ranging from dry cleaners and gas stations to piles of rocks contaminated with metals from mining and heavy industrial use.  The EPA is responsible for protecting (at this point, recovering) the air, land and water that has been vandalized by the American corporate way of life. 
Some of the moneyed interests have so suckered the great uneducated, that the hoodwinked are now singing the company blues.  “Da, da, da, dah, dum.  I got the blues.  Da, da, da, dah, dum.   Yeah, this is America and I should be able to make as much money as I want and don’t care about anything else ‘cause it’s my money and … so be it… blues.  Da, da, da, dah, dum.  Yeah.” 
These people are ‘idjits’ and we should put them in a locked room and serve them a constant feast of foul water; noxious air; filthy furnishings; and contaminated food to contemplate while they sit there with the giant dunce cap on their corrupted craniums.  I’d bet any of them would run out crying and heaving within minutes.  Idiots!
Imagine your hair with a hint of green coloring, sticky tar coating your once luscious locks.  Take a deep breath and then choke on it.  Tears run down your cheek speckled with the soot that burns your eyes.   Your tummy aches because your insides are dissolving.  “That’s alright, now,” says the corporate chief wearing the gas mask.  He walks on by and you turn around and stare at the hole in the back of his head with a murky sauce dripping onto his broad shoulders.   You shake your head, “Damn, I miss the EPA.”   
Thanks: publicdomainpictures.net

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