07 July 2011

I Did It!

I tossed out all of my make-up!  I have not worn cosmetics in a long time, but had been holding on to it, just in case.  I did not decide to go bare, it just happened over the last few years.  No, it’s not lazy face; I was never in to full facial coverings.  Normally, my face tints were limited in application to my eyes and lips using browns, rusts and a little shine.  I never found a lipstick that did not taste weird and lip glosses felt like candy.  I’m not against cosmetics, but I have grown concerned over ingredients and cost. 

It has always been interesting to me how some of us define ourselves by the way we present a colorful picture.  We wear bright hues on our faces and color our hair in funky shades of yellows, reds and sometimes blues.  Colors are a lot of fun.  Color is beautiful.  Shades enhance and shades can hide.  Which is it?  Nevermind. 

I like the way I look.  My natural hair is brown with a few curly strands welcoming me to my age.  My eyes are a mix of browns, greens, yellows and grays.  My skin gets better every day.  Years ago, when I was on vacation with my best friend, we met a local guy.  He said my friend looked exotic and I looked natural.  He was right.  My friend Dian was an Indonesian beauty.  She wore a little bit of eye make-up, but had the most fun with fingernails painted in crazy colors; all at once, each finger different.  I had the wash-and-go look with a little bit of make-up and too much sun.

One of these days, I’ll purchase make-up.  I researched organic, but I just don’t feel like buying mascara for 80 dollars.  There are many companies that claim natural or organic.  The current labeling system has lax requirements, so most of them contain one natural ingredient and a host of harmful chemicals.  Since I cannot make this stuff at home, I’ll search for the ‘most organic’ and limit use to special occasions and when I ‘just feel like it’.  For now, I will try my best to stay out of the cosmetic aisle, until I get to the organic market.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store, but if the price is outrageous, I’ll keep my hands in my pockets.  In the meantime, I’ll stick to my routine using an equal mix of coconut oil and shea butter to replace the lotion, hair sheen and lip balm.  I’m happy being natural me.  What you see is what you get.  What I get is confidence with my carefree self.
If your workplace demands a certain face, start a new trend to minimalism; it’s always cool to be the first.   Over the next few weeks, try eliminating a few items from your cosmetic case.   Blush is so fake on brown folks.  You are not fooling a soul.  Synthetic eyelashes, girl please, only for photo shoots.  Powders:  “Ugh, can’t breathe,”…and they don’t match our diverse shades of beauty.  Spider leg lashes with crusty black lumps on the ends are nasty.  There’s a thin line between love and hate; go light on the eye liner.   If I see another chocolate woman with chunks of bright orange sparkly shadow, ‘I’ma’ scream!    

If you think your friends or family will not recognize you without decoration, you done yourself wrong.  What are you going to do first thing in the morning when your partner wants to watch you open your eyes?  You are beautiful.  Treat your pure aesthetic with respect.  Colors running together on your face and smudges on your shoulders are not good looks.  Go natural, less mess.

Warm colors and less is more plays well.  Use your clothes and jewelry to bring out the new you.  Try a few days without make-up.  You might like it and you’ll even save a few bucks.  The next time you put on your face, do so with style.  Don’t cover girl, just play up your beautiful brown eyes, luscious lips and smooth silky skin.  You look good, girl.  Let it glow, let it glow!

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