24 July 2011

It's Hot!

The heat is on!  The news describes a heat dome over the eastern portions of the U.S.!  Heat index over 110 in our Nation’s capital.   There are contests for naming the heat wave; open the door and hit a wall of heat; sweatin’ like pigs; stanky folks wandering around; and everybody complaining about everything.  How did the temperature get turned up to Hell?
Mother Nature’s payback?  I’m not going there.  July is hotter than July.  It is too late to change but, we can manage.   As a society, we need to do so many things.  But as individuals and families, we can do some things to make a difference for ourselves and the environment right now.  The economy and the environment are inextricably linked.  The more damage to the environment, the hotter and polluted it becomes, and the more money comes out of our pockets.   Open your car window on a highway drive and feel the wonderful – cough – outdoors.  Dang, it’s hot.  The heat off the pavement; the heat from the other vehicles; and the hot sun beaming down on treeless areas – hot!   You turn up the AC.  Cha-ching!  You stop at the gas station on the way home.  Gas expands in heat; less liquid for the vehicle - expanded gas costs money, too.  Cha-ching!  You get home and crank up the AC; turn on the lights; turn on the dishwasher; do some laundry; prepare dinner; and then some.  Cha-ching!  Electricity cost more during peak hours.  It’s hot!  More showers; hair a mess, off to the salon; need more to drink – water, juice, tea, cocktail – cha-ching!  Pockets picked by the heat miser.
Oh, what is a sweaty one to do?  If a car trip is not urgent or work related, stay home.  Close all curtains and blinds.  Turn the temperature up in your home and drop some clothes.  If it’s cool enough for you to wear sweats or jeans at home, you are wasting money.  Use fans to supplement the AC.  Do your chores in the evening during off peak hours.  Gas up your car in the early morning.  Whatever you can do, try to reduce your energy use.  We are all taxing the grid.  I’d rather let those who need the energy use it… and save myself a little cha-ching. 
Be safe out there, ya hear!


  1. American individuals are not going to 'cut back.' In fact we want ever bigger houses, yards, cars and gadgets. Consumption is the American way. Now how do you manage CO2 problems with this American ethic? If you can figure out a solution, please share it with me.

  2. We can continue to talk about it and encourage action... fight the good fight. A carbon tax is a 'no go' for too many. The new austerity policies may end up taking us toward reduced consumption because everybody will be too broke to consume. I don't believe the politicians even considered that CO2 reduction will happen indirectly because of their actions.