07 April 2012

Baking Soda

Sodium hydrogen carbonate is the proper chemical name for sodium bicarbonate which we know as baking soda.  It is a non-toxic chemical white powder compound.   Baking soda is a versatile product that is inexpensive and effective for uses for the home and body.   This one product will cover personal care, cooking, cleaning and laundry.  In our home, we use it to clean all over the house and we use it for body products and first aid.  Here are 20 of my favorite ways to incorporate baking soda into health, beauty and cleaning routines.  Baking soda can be used dry or as a paste by mixing with water.  It can also be used with other ingredients to create laundry detergent and deodorant.  This versatile substance can be purchased by the 13 pound bag for a little over $5.00.  The baking soda will keep for a long time if kept dry.  I usually pour some into a large glass canning jar and leave it next to the kitchen sink.   The bag gets stored away.  With multiple uses, we manage to go through about two or three bags a year.  Let’s reject commercial chemical and petroleum based products.  We should be responsible for our own impact on Earth and help our communities send a message to industrial polluters:  “We are not going to buy your garbage anymore!”
Powder Power List:

1.       Gentle facial scrub
2.       Clean stains from coffee mugs
3.       Clean food and oils from stovetop
4.       Soothe insect bites
5.       Sprinkle on floor around toilet (absorbs wayward sprays from little boys)
6.       Deodorize shoes
7.       Deodorize trashcans
8.       Clean tub and bathroom sink
9.       Add to warm water and soak feet
10.   Soak combs and brushes
11.   Mouthwash
12.   Deodorize sink drains
13.   Clean burned cooking pots
14.   Deodorize carpets
15.   Clean and deodorize the refrigerator
16.   Extinguish fire
17.   Sprinkle on dirty clothes awaiting laundry day
18.   Deodorize vacuum cleaner bag or canister
19.   Ant deterrent
20.   Clean stains in cooking pots and glassware

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