15 April 2012

Spotlight – Darien Essentials

Black Organic introduces Darien Essentials of Chesterfield, Virginia. Ms. Ellice Darien is a beautiful woman who considers our environment in making glamorous products using high quality natural ingredients.  Her use of food grade ingredients demonstrates care for our health and our environment.  Black Organic has used these products and attests to the pleasure of applying the warm colors with pleasing textures.  The greatest benefit was the absence of an allergic reaction.  Ms. Darien creates scented and unscented products suitable for users ranging from average Junes to Fabulous Fredas.  Although Black Organic is a strong advocate of making products at home, some things are best left to the professionals … who make their stuff at home.  In support of small businesses that consider the environment in all aspects of creating and marketing products as well as recycling and reducing waste, Black Organic is pleased to share Darien Essentials.

Provide a brief description of Darien Essentials.

Our business creates handcrafted spa and beauty products.

Please tell us the story about the beginnings of your company and why you decided to focus on natural products.

I can start with my father loving this book Back to Eden; me creating my potions as a teen for my friends’ acne, which by the way, some did work; me having a son, taking him to the library and seeing a book on soap-making; everyone loving my products; and watching a cosmetic company on television advertise four different complexions and thinking they are missing a whole lot of colors, let me learn this and customize foundation for my friends.

As a nurse, I would go into stores and think we don't need all that junk in our products, so I would create a friendlier version.  I know that the skin is our largest organ and can absorb medications, so why would I need to absorb junk that we just didn't need. 

Why should we purchase your products?

We strive to be as natural as we can and continue to keep finding ways to add products that are manufactured with the earth and the person in mind.

Please explain your statement, “being natural and being glamorous are not mutually exclusive”.

Our fans love that we customize their body butters and their makeup.  We are all different and some have allergy conditions that might mean that traditional products can’t be used; however, they want to feel and look good, so we help them.

When people think hand crafted they think hemp bag, craft paper, hippie which is cool, too; however, I see the glamour.  I think vibrant colors:  lavender and roses, and I want them to understand you can look and feel great without going into toxic shock.

What are you doing around your home to reduce your family’s impact on the environment?

The first thing we did was get rid of any hair spray. I started creating our household cleaning products and even when we painted we used a low VOC.  We go to our local growers for food and it is a growing journey for this family, especially with pre-teen and teens that think pizza is a vegetable.

Can you tell us some good news about Darien Essentials?

We are opening a shop and I will create from there, ship and retail.

Black Organic is grateful for your efforts to enhance beauty with consideration of our environment.  Thank you.
Picture credit:  Darien Essentials

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