30 April 2012

Seriously Ladies...

Black hair is a multi-million dollar industry thanks to some Black women.  Unfortunately, thanks to some Black women, the return to the Black community is less than 1% of the industry and we have no one to blame, but some Black women.  Black women support Korean families.  They use funds from Black families to send their kids to college; to assist their relatives in coming to America; and to take over Black-owned businesses.  It’s some Black women’s fault.  Some Black women are so accepting of the Eurocentric dynamic that some of them give extreme amounts of Black wealth away to Asians to show off their low Afro-esteem.  They swagger with the fakery, thinking they are making themselves more acceptable to those who don’t give a rat’s behind about them.  Some Black women are more comedic relief than anything.  How many times have you received those ‘Black Prom’ emails or the ‘Walmart Shopper’ pictures?  We laugh, shake our heads and keep it movin’.   There is no hatin’ on the Koreans.  They have taken advantage of the opportunity because we have allowed them and have shown support for their business acumen.

We feed the beast because we have not put a stop to it.  We complain so much about the loss of wealth, yet we are the ones watching some Black women throwing money straight to the pockets of Hell.  Tell them to stop it! The Koreans dominate the market and work tirelessly to push Black business out or keep Black businesses from entering the market; fair business practices be damned.   The blame lies on the shoulders of those Black women!  You will not be scolded to stop supporting Korean hair businesses; just know that your decision has dire consequences for your sisters and brothers.  One of those consequences is the jobless rate.  If you notice, Black folk don’t work in Korean owned shops.

It is ironic that some Black women buy weaves and wigs that are made from every other ethic type of hair but African.  They even purchase animal hair, you know, the tail that gets shat upon on a regular basis.  Those weaves and wigs that some think are cute are in fact, extremely dangerous.  The wigs and weaves permanently affect the hair follicles and the glues and other chemicals damage skin and internal organs.   We have seen those Black women with their hairlines back to their ears; the missing kitchen; the bald spots; the tortured ends; and thinned out manes.  The fact that these conditions were created by conscious decisions is disturbing. 

But seriously, instead of putting those Black women down, let us uplift them and encourage them to show off their natural beauty.  Tired and lame excuses are no longer acceptable.  Lead by example.  Every single day, I feel joy when I encounter a natural beauty.  Natural is a daily event because more career women are going natural every day.   I always make a point to compliment them on their hair and I sincerely mean the tribute.  I love hearing about the stories of going natural and the search for the right product to resolve the hair concern of the day.  I am simply satisfied with olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil or various combinations of two or three.  Yes, I realize that Black owned businesses are not the suppliers of the oils; however, I certainly see Black folks working in the markets or grocery stores where the items are purchased.  I always purchase shea butter from a one who looks like me… a natural wonder. 

Black Organic will always support natural hair and the next generation in the Black Organic family will never know the pain and poverty associated with the hair industrial complex.  Choose pay nature forward. Go natural for our mental, physical and financial health.  Go natural because it is the right thing to do.

Thanks: publicdomainpictures.net

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